Autonomous Fusion is an AI software solutions company. Our first product is Autonomous Driving Software, which we believe has the power to save many millions of lives and extend our ability to drive beyond the current limitations of age and disability. Automobiles are in our DNA, so we have a natural focus on automotive-grade solutions and their safe deployment.

By using our proprietary Machine Learning System, ML Fusion, we have found ways to combine machine learning techniques to greatly improve computing efficiency.

We have written our own algorithms for Data Collection, Data Processing, Simulation, Auto-annotation, and Machine Learning code for driving.

For example, we have written proprietary Color Science and Calibration modules:

  • Auto-expose region of interest to optimize road visibility
  • Custom color science: collected at 16-bit depth
  • LIDAR + camera extrinsic calibration
  • Sensor intrinsic + extrinsic calibration

We have test vehicles on the road collecting real driving data. We also use Synthetic Data.

Synthetic data is critical, allowing us to simulate situations not found in our dataset and helping to mitigate offline training.

Autonomous Driving Solutions