Core Competency

Autonomous Fusion is an Artificial Intelligence software company.

By using our proprietary Machine Learning System, Unified Deep Learning Architecture, we have found ways to combine machine learning techniques to greatly improve computing efficiency.

We have written our own autonomous system which is a blend of proprietary and non-proprietary machine learning and deep learning techniques to create world-class prediction algorithms.

Using a well-defined software development cycle, we have produced a modular system architecture that allows us to quickly modify and improve our systems.

For our first commercial product, we are deploying our Artificial Intelligence Platform to develop ADAS and self-driving cars. We think ADAS has the power to save many lives and extend our ability to drive beyond the current limitations of age and disability. Electric cars are in our DNA, so we have a natural focus on automotive-grade solutions and their safe deployment.

We have test vehicles on the road in Atlanta collecting real driving data, and we have written our own algorithms for Color Science, Data Collection, Data Processing, Simulation, and Auto-annotation. We have written our own operating system code for driving.

We also use Synthetic Data, allowing us to simulate situations not found in our dataset and helping to mitigate offline training. The images above start with a single camera perspective. From this, we generate a hundred synthetic views, showing what the car would see in slightly different places in the lane on the same drive, and training the car how to behave in each different scenario.

The video above shows the progression of algorithms performed on the data we have collected. The first stage shows the vehicle trajectory path. Next, the lane markers are added. Objects are detected and identified in the third stage. The last stage represents the drivable space.

Because we have written our own training code and annotation platform, we can customize the software to account for geographic and cultural differences.

We are ready to equip automobile OEMs with an autonomous driving solution, getting them to market quickly and safely.