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Autonomous lane detection


Autonomous Fusion has built an Artificial Intelligence platform to help solve some of the great technological challenges of a modern world. Our first product is a self-developed full-stack software solution for autonomous driving. Our product is automobile-agnostic; it can be customized to make any car or truck drive autonomously.

Why self-driving first? Because it presents one of the greatest challenges for Machine Learning due to the tremendous number of constantly changing variables and the critical importance of safety. By attacking the most difficult challenge first, we develop systems and solutions that are applicable to a wide range of business problems.

Welch Labs

Stephen Welch, Machine Learning Lead at Autonomous Fusion, is the founder of and the Welch Labs YouTube channel on machine learning, math and science.
With over 8 million views, the YouTube channel is one of the most viewed channels related to Machine Learning and serves as one of the most-used resources to learn about the subject.


We believe that in order for autonomous vehicles to be fully entrenched in our society, they must be both safe and affordable.

We are basing our proprietary Deep Learning software on a diverse suite of sensors.
The result is a complex yet elegant system that reliably, accurately, and intuitively understands the driving environment and safely navigates it.

We deliver Autonomous Driving Solutions.


We are an Atlanta startup company, composed of some of the industry’s most experienced AI professionals – from Georgia Tech, Carnegie Mellon, and UC-Berkeley – with real-world experience in Deep Learning, telecomm, auto manufacturing, Big Data and IoT. Our founder and CEO is Mike McQuary, who was one of the pioneers of the Internet as President of MindSpring and Earthlink ISPs.

We have had autonomous test cars driving on the Atlanta roads with back-up drivers for more than a year.

If you are an auto manufacturer, tier 1 provider, or fleet administrator with an autonomous driving need, we are ready to help.